Deer Hunting

Our Wyoming mule deer hunting is the best it has ever been. We manage our herd each year for wide, deep forked bucks by offering management hunts to continually improve genetics. We control the hunting on virtually 100% of the 17,000 acre  ranch, therefore we can have a greater impact on the quality and quantity of our deer. We limit our deer harvest to 10 animals. This allows for a genuine opportunity to kill a very nice buck. The hunting is all spot and stalk, greatly limiting the pressure on the deer. A 170 class deer is very common, with some 180+ deer taken each year. Our largest deer was 220+.  All hunting is done with ATV’s and 4-wheel drives. No personnel ATV’s allowed.

We have a great herd of whitetail deer that are localized on our alfalfa fields on the Bluegrass River. Please Contact us for any interest in special Whitetail Deer seasons or any further questions.

The license area for us is region J or Area 64. It is a draw area, but has had a 100% draw success rate for the last 10+ years. This means that there are also leftover tags available. This tag is good for both mule and whitetail deer. The deer season typically is October 15th thru the 25th. We offer 2 five day mule deer hunts from the 15th to the 25th.

Fishing is offered in our stocked pond free of charge for all hunters. It is stocked with rainbow and brown trout. A fishing license must be purchased.

Rates  Includes lodging at the Cross C cabin, all meals, and guide. There are no hidden charges or trophy fees. Please review our Policies.


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