At the Cross “C” Ranch we have a very diverse and lush habitat for both Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer. We have several vibrant alfalfa fields that line a beautiful cottonwood river bottom that plays home to both species throughout the year. Much of the Ranch is also made up of timeless high country ridges and valleys where everything from Mule Deer to Elk, Big Horn Sheep & Black Bear make their home. The deer hunting on the Ranch is truly special as it is run out of our Hunting Lodge with excellent access to the entire Ranch…


Wyoming Area 7 Elk tags are very hard to come by today. Most applicants need 5 or more preference points to have a good chance at drawing. Since this is nearly a once in a decade chance, let the experience and knowledge of the guides at the Cross “C” Ranch get you the Wyoming Bull Elk of a lifetime. We are very proud of the unit that Area 7 has become, so let us show you why we think its the best around!


Wyoming has many outstanding places for Antelope, that is certain. What makes the Cross “C” Ranch different is the entire Antelope experience. There are no motel rooms or pack tents here! Hunt out of our deluxe Hunting Lodge, fish in our stocked ponds, or even take a shot at our 1000 yard steel rifle range during your stay. Oh yeah, we got some great Antelope Bucks too!


Wyoming has some pretty big country, with all that country comes some pretty big predators! We offer trespass Coyote Hunting packages as well as fully guided Mountain Lion Hunts in the winter months.


The summer months offer some beautiful views and lots of great activities on the Cross “C’ Ranch. One of the favorite past times of the Western Outdoorsman is Prairie Dog Hunting. Along with extensive amounts of prairie dogs, we also have an amazing 1000+ yd steel rifle range to even further assist with those bragging rights!