Cross C Ranch Riflemans Round Up FlyerCompetition Info: This is a 2 day, individual match, which is part of the 2014 Precision Rifle Series points race events. All targets will be reactive steel targets at ranges from 200 – 1500 yards in natural terrain settings. Calibers are limited to .22 – .30 cal & LESS than 3200 fps. Approximately 175 rounds will be needed.

• Competition fee of $250 includes: competition sight in and tune up on Friday June 20th, meals and your chance to compete against the nation’s best shooters for prizes, trophies and cash.

• Tune-Up and Sight-In for the match will be on Friday @ 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. You will have the opprutunity to engage 10-15 targets at given ranges with instruction and guidance on shooting from prone, obstacles & other stressors that could be seen during the match with the same or similar match conditions. The Tune-Up and Sight-In is free to any match competitor.

• The match itself will begin Saturday morning @ 7:30 am and will consist of a total of 3-4 main shooting complexes in close proximity to one another. The complexes will each highlight certain practices but remain to the same theme of a field rifle match. There will be a “house” rangefinder for those stage(s) that a rangefinder is needed. This is a “field” or “hunting” focused match, so not all shots will be from a bipod, there will be circumstances where you will be shooting from obstacles, shooting sticks or possibly even with the use of a sling. There will also be a “house” set of shooting sticks for those stage(s) that they are needed. With that being said, this is a “run what you’ve brung” match, with the one rule that calibers are limited to .22-30 cal and less than 3200fps. Lunch will be served at the midpoint of Day 1 with dinner & refreshments being provided at the conclusion of the day. Day 2 will be a half day followed by snacks & refreshments during the Final Standings announcements.

• 100% of the match revenues will be reverted back to the shooters after costs in the form of cash & equipment prizes.



Post-Match Video put together by PRS President Rich Emmons can be seen here:

Cross C Ranch – Rifleman’s Round-Up

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